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the spirit of time in color
It was in this decade that we innovated once again and began to study world trends,
anticipating emerging codes and society’s behavior. An iconic movement for the market that
began to translate the spirit of the time through a color palette and a “symbol” color of that
year. That’s how our Suvinil Revela came about, our annual collection inspired by these new
Creative Suvinil Banner.
We renewed our brand to continue painting stories
To continue coloring the world, it is necessary to be aware of the spirit of the time,
understanding the new markets and the wishes of customers.
It is necessary to exchange: ideas, stories and paths.
In 2013, we made an adjustment to our visual identity. But in 2018, from a strategic
realignment, we created a new brand purpose, which gained a new visual and verbal
appearance. From the business plan and portfolio definition to new packaging, we changed to
continue painting stories.
The launch of Suvinil Criativa came to seal this moment. Ready to use and make us even more
connected with each client.
Environment with hammock, benches and a pot with plant.Image credits
far beyond ink
Our new identity took to the streets. And new products hit the shelves.
Packed with innovation, they provided a new experience and new forms of expression. From
Suvinil Cimento Queimado to Suvinil Criativa, there was room for more plurality in the way
they presented themselves.
We have intensified our relationship with cities and urban art. As an example, in partnership
with the plastic artist and muralist Speto, we created new packages and presented the city of
São Paulo with two colored gables in the famous Elevado Costa e Silva.

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